St. Edward

McIntosh friends, neighbors help harvest corn Saturday

Two of the combines at work in the McIntosh fields Saturday.

Friends and neighbors of the late Jim McIntosh turned out to help harvest his corn crop southwest of St. Edward last Saturday, Nov. 2.
It didn’t take long, either. With four combines, five tractors and grain carts and nine semi tractor-trailers put to work, the entire process of harvesting 90 dryland acres took only about three hours. About 20 people helped out.
Soybean harvest at the McIntosh farm was completed earlier this fall.
“It’s really neat to see everyone out here helping,” said neighbor Brad Stephens, who organized the harvest. “The McIntoshes have been great neighbors for many years.”
Jim had planted the crops before he passed away on May 20, 2019. The McIntosh family held a farm sale last summer for their farm equipment. The buyer of the combine, Brandon Aden, brought it back to use at the harvest bee last Saturday.
The crop was hauled into the CVA Elevator in St. Edward. Stephens said the crop had dried down well in the field and also yielded very well.
St. Edward FFA Chapter also helped out. They were holding their “Feed the Farmer” event on Saturday and supplied lunches to all the helpers at the McIntosh farm.
Jim’s wife, Anna, now lives in St. Edward. Their son and family, Scott and Alicia McIntosh live in Wayne, and their daughter Lori McIntosh and Kevin Miller live in St. Edward.
“Dad left us with an amazing group of neighbors and friends,” said Lori. “No words could ever express what they mean to us.”