Board tables bus driver pay, holds closed session

Boone Central School Board tabled an action item on bus driver pay during its regular meeting Monday night.
After a meeting of the Transportation Committee, Board Chairman Tim Stopak said there are still details to be “hammered out” on the pay schedule, and there was no final proposal to consider. He said he hoped to have this ready for the board’s December meeting.
The board has discussed the need for additional bus drivers, and last month approved an additional pay category of $18 per hour for activity bus drivers.
Closed Session
At the end of the meeting, the board held a closed session regarding a patron complaint. Questioned about a specific reason for the closed session, the board’s attorney said the complaint could have a bearing on evaluation of a staff member.
The board entered closed session at 8:48 p.m. and returned to open session at 12 midnight. Chairman Stopak reported no action was taken after the closed session.
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