Newman Grove

Staff Sargent Thompson speaks at Newman Grove Veterans Day

Staff Sgt. Nicole Thompson with her husband, Grant, and their children Gavin, Lincoln, Isaac and Evelyn.
Loren Stone, left, received a 50 year plaque for membership in American Legion Post 73 from Charlie Borg, right. The plaque was made by NG students in woodworking class to honor him.

Staff Sargent Nicole Thompson was the featured speaker at the 2019 Newman Grove Veteran’s Day program. She was introduced by Erin Forre, Principal, of Newman Grove Public Schools.
Sargent Thompson was deployed to Kuwait for 10 months and left behind her family; husband, Grant, children, Gavin, Lincoln, Isaac and Evelyn.
Modern technology makes it easier for those deployed, as they can be included in family life at home with technology such as Facetime, but it is still difficult.
Not only did she sign-up, but her family and community signed up with her. She said she was very thankful for the support she received from family, friends and the community.
Sargent Thompson was part of the administrative action that kept track and took care of the troops. In her role as a human resources specialist, she helped make sure the soldiers were able to go home when they needed.
She stressed the role female soldiers play in the military. They are strong too. They drive tanks, shoot rifles and do the same things as their male counterparts.
She joined the National Guard to protect her friends and family. Part of what the National Guard also does is help with domestic operations such as floods and tornadoes.
Ms. Thompson is employed full time at Tyson Foods in Madison and part-time in the National Guard.
In other parts of the Veterans Day program, Principal Erin Forre gave the welcome and introduced Sgt. Thompson. Carmen Montoya performed The Star Spangled Banner. K-12 music classes performed “God Bless the USA,” and K-6 music students performed “Grand Ole Flag.”
Charlie Borg presented a special plaque to Loren Stone to recognize his 50 years of American Legion membership. Second grade students made special posters to honor the local veterans. Isaac Potmesil played TAPS to close the ceremony.