St. Edward

Commissioners consider future of 320th Ave. south of St. Edward

Boone County Commissioners and property owners along 320th Avenue south of St. Edward had a lengthy discussion Tuesday, Nov. 12, about condition of the road and what actions should be taken there.
Condition and status of a one-mile portion of 320th Avenue has been discussed in several recent meetings.
In March of 1998, the county received a petition to vacate this segment of 320th Ave. from the Nance County line to its intersection with 360th Street. However, no record could be found of the Boone County Commissioners adopting a resolution to vacate this section of road.
County Clerk Kathy Thorberg reported that portions of 320th Avenue have been discussed by the board several times since 1989. However, it appears there is no public hearing record for each time the board approved a feasibility study request to change classification of these road segments.
At its Oct. 28 meeting, the current commissioners adopted a resolution stating that a copy of the resolution for vacation of the southernmost one-mile segment of 320th Ave. will be filed with the Register of Deeds, and ownership of the former road would revert to the adjacent property owners, one-half to each side. This resolution provides that all utilities with assets that may be affected by the vacation will continue to have full access to their property.
Commissioners also directed Stacey Ziemba, county highway superintendent, to conduct a feasibility study on changing the classification of a one-mile segment from 360th Street to 350th Street to minimum maintenance.
Denny Cruise and Francis Whidden, both of rural St. Edward, were present to discuss the road status. Cruise asked about converting the segment to minimum maintenance and the impact that would have on access.
Whidden was concerned about the Bogus Creek drainage in that area. Culverts were installed under 320th Ave. in 2000, and Whidden provided pictures to show that the culverts are not working to facilitate drainage. Flooding is occurring on his land and that of his neighbors.
A possible low water crossing was discussed.
Ziemba said she would have the situation inspected by Brian McDonald, engineer with JEO Consulting Group.
Commissioners have received several letters from Lynn Kaufmann of Lincoln about concerns with actions regarding 320th Avenue. The board consulted with John Morgan, county attorney, about these concerns. After his review, Morgan concluded the board is not in violation of any laws or regulations.