Heavy winds cause power outages and small fires in area last weekend

Heavy winds last weekend caused some spot power outages and small fires in the Albion area last weekend.
Power outages were mostly caused by ice-laden tree limbs coming in contact with power lines, according to Mike Stockwell, operations manager with Cornhusker Public Power District.
CPPD crews were busy repairing these spot outages from Friday morning through Saturday morning, Nov. 29-30, mostly in an area from Albion to a point north of Fullerton and six miles either side of Highway 14.
Loup Public Power District also dealt with several spot outages caused by wind and ice in Albion, Newman Grove and Lindsay, according to Albion local manager Jim Schindel.
Albion Volunteer Fire Department was called out Friday night at about 8 p.m. to extinguish two small fires caused by downed power lines south of Albion, according to Fire Chief Bruce Benne. One fire was along 230th Avenue, and the other along 300th Street just east of Highway 14.
Travel conditions were very difficult at certain times due to snow blowing across roadways and creating white-out conditions, according to Boone County Sheriff Denny Johnson.
“We had some vehicles that slid into ditches due to the conditions, but there were no injuries or property damage,” said Johnson.