Boone Beginnings making good progress toward fundraising goal

Larger donors to the Boone Beginnings project will have their name, or the name of a loved one, inscribed on a leaf in this design to be displayed on a donor recognition wall at the entrance of Boone Beginnings. Donations can be made at www.boonebeginnings.com.

In the 2019 Big Give campaign, a total of $250,085 was contributed to the Boone Beginnings Early Childhood and Family Development Center.
This amount included about $100,000 in new donations, and $150,000 in payments toward prior pledges.
The total raised from the local community has now reached $2,675,000, leaving about $475,000 to be raised to meet the community fund drive goal of $3,150,000.
The total capital campaign goal for this project is $3,800,000. This total includes the community fundraising goal plus $650,000 being requested from Omaha based foundations. The overall goal has been reduced from its original level of $4.2 million.
The William and Ruth Scott Foundation has granted $250,000 to the project, leaving $400,000 left to raise from foundation funds. The Sherwood Foundation has given initial approval of a $400,000 grant.  Final approval is anticipated in January, and several additional smaller grants have been requested.
The total raised to date in cash and pledges is $2,925,000, leaving $875,000 yet to be raised.
Jay Wolf, campaign treasurer, noted that several foundation grant applications are still pending as of mid-December, and local fund-raising will also continue.
The Boone Beginnings planning committee is working with Sentinel Building Systems on a building plan, and possible in-kind donations or discounts from vendors could reduce overall costs. Discounts and/or in-kind donations may also be possible in the site preparation and utility connection phases.
In reviewing the donor list, Wolf called attention to some 14 donations, totaling $230,000, from donors who are in their 20s, 30s or early 40s.
“These are young people with small children, or those who plan to begin a family soon,” Wolf said. “Most are either in the process of buying a business or building a business from the ground up.”
“To me, it is both impressive and humbling to see donations like this,” he said. “These young people are not really in a place right now to be making substantial gifts, but they are so passionate about the need and the benefits to our community, they are extending themselves to support Boone Beginnings.”