Boone Beginnings wins major grant

A major grant has been announced for the Boone Beginnings Early Childhood and Family Development Center in Boone County.
Sherwood Foundation of Omaha has officially granted $400,000 to the Boone County project.
This grant, added to the amounts already raised, brings the fund-raising total to $3,326,519. That amount is still short of the $3.8 million total goal, but it is a huge step forward, according to campaign treasurer Jay Wolf.
“To our knowledge, most child centers have received much less foundation support,” he said.
“The short answer is, we still need to raise $200,000 locally,” said Wolf. “When that is accomplished, we should be in a position to move forward with planning and the bid-letting process.”
In addition to the Sherwood grant, Boone Beginnings received a $250,000 grant earlier this year from the William and Ruth Scott Family Foundation, also in Omaha.