County building permits top $10.7 million total value

Boone County construction permits issued in 2019 totaled $10,749,715 in value, representing a $2.5 million increase from the previous year’s total of $8,213,750.
Largest value category for 2019 was business buildings in towns and rural areas, totaling $4,707,000 in construction value.
Statistics from Boone County Zoning Administrator Mary Ziemba showed seven building permits issued in the business buildings category. These included a $2.5 million permit for relocation of the Black Hills Energy operations center south of Albion. It also included $800,000 for an addition to an existing business at St. Edward, $600,000 for a new building at Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC, Petersburg, $500,000 for a new Central Valley Ag office building at St. Edward, and $250,000 for a residential duplex at St. Edward.
Next largest category for county permits was new homes, with seven permits issued totaling $2,241,000. This total included four new homes in the rural Albion area and three new homes in Petersburg and surrounding area. Average value of the 11 new residential permits was $320,000 each.
Hog confinement buildings were the third largest category at $1,630,000. The two permits were issued to Pillen Family Farms, one at $830,000 for fire damage repair in the Cedar Rapids area, and another at $800,000 for a new nursery building in the St. Edward area.

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