Sen. Briese: Property tax reduction still a priority

Sen. Tom Briese

The goal hasn’t changed for District 41 State Sen. Tom Briese of Albion.
He still plans to work hard for meaningful property tax relief across Nebraska, and he hopes that a plan to accomplish that will be adopted this year.
As a member of the Legislature’s Revenue Committee, the session started early for Briese. The committee met Monday morning, Jan. 6, in Lincoln to talk about a property tax relief plan that could emerge from their committee early in the session. Committee members planned a working lunch that day with Gov. Pete Ricketts, and the topic will be property taxes.
“We hope to find more common ground with the governor on this issue,” said Briese. “It is usually much more productive to work with the governor than against him.”
The Revenue Committee is hoping to develop a legislative package on property tax reduction. Briese said it appears likely that this package would be tied to the proposed new state tax-incentives plan for business development, as it was at the end of last session.
One of Briese’s property tax bills from last session, LB 183, remains on select file. It would have repealed the sales tax exemptions on about 20 items, including pop, candy, bottled water, haircuts and home repairs performed by plumbers, roofers and other contractors.
The new revenue, estimated at $100 million annually, would have gone back to property owners via the state property tax credit program.
That’s just one proposal still out there, and there are several others.
Briese said options now being considered by the Revenue Committee have the potential to generate $200 million to $250 million in property tax relief after three years.

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