Violin, piano duo performs concert in Albion

Violinist Heidi Cheng introduces one of the selections she performed with her husband, Kevin, on Sunday afternoon in Albion.

A small Albion audience was treated to a lively violin and piano concert Sunday afternoon, Jan. 5, at the Albion United Methodist Church.
Kevin Cheng, a native of Taiwan, is a master of the piano while his wife, Heidi, is an expert on violin. Together, the husband and wife showcased a wealth of talent for classical, contemporary and country music in their performance. They received several standing ovations from the small crowd of about 20 people.
Kevin and Heidi, now of Central City, are both in their 20s. They met through their music, were married in July of 2018, and have been touring and playing concerts across several Midwestern states for about a year and three months.
Kevin Cheng, born and raised in Taiwan, grew up in a non-religious household, with his parents following Buddhist tradition. Since the age of five, he has been playing the piano. He “caught fire” and began developing his skills in his early teens after attending a professional pianist’s concert.
In 2011, Kevin Cheng moved to Nebraska, in a way by accident. After completing junior high, it came time for Kevin to apply for a secondary school. While his grades and test scores were good and in order, he accidentally missed the sign-up date. So he decided to attend a foreign school. He ended up picking Nebraska Christian Schools in Central City, mostly at random. At the time, he was not aware it was a religious school.
He went to the agency in Taiwan that assigned students to foreign schools, and picked Nebraska Christian from a list of 100 foreign schools.
He went on to become a Christian, graduated from Nebraska Christian and later graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, where he studied both music and wildlife biology.
Heidi was born and raised in Kearney. Heidi started playing the violin at 10 and has gone on to perform with the Kearney Symphony Orchestra and the Kearney Chamber Orchestra. In 2013, she performed at the Masterworks Festival in Indiana. After high school, she attended Central Community College in Grand Island where she studied occupational therapy.