Boone Beginnings to proceed with bid package

Boone Beginnings Steering Committee met Wednesday, Jan. 22, to discuss building design.
The initial building concept has been modified through some hard work by Sentinel Building Systems.
The committee’s consensus was that Sentinel has designed a sound and esthetically appealing structure that is much less expensive than what was initially proposed.
Sentinel’s plan will be paired with a functional interior designed by RDG Architects. The plan is to make it a welcoming, cheerful, learning environment that meets the needs of children and families. Ultimately this hybrid plan will allow Boone Beginnings to have a high-quality facility that is designed for early childhood, while practical in its construction cost.
A total of $3,472,000 has been raised through the very successful capital campaign. That total is still short of the $3.8 million estimated total needed, but is $52,000 more than the last report on Jan. 15.
The current total includes local donations of $2,822,000 and grants from the Sherwood Foundation and William and Ruth Scott Foundation totaling $650,000.
Is that enough to begin construction?
“We believe we are close, and there is only one way to find out for sure. We have decided to have RDG put together a comprehensive bid package,” said Jay Wolf, committee treasurer. “This is big step that will cost approximately $150,000, but it is the only way to accurately know what the project cost will be.”
Raising the full $3.8 million would provide a fully furnished facility for 80 children, including a 2,000 square foot multipurpose space, operating capital as the center builds toward capacity during the first three years, and a maintenance fund for the building.

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