Mary Avidano entertains with original poetry

Rev. Mary Avidano

Poems about nature, religion, love and life were presented by local writer Mary Avidano at a special program Sunday afternoon, Jan. 26, in the Albion KC Hall.
Much of the poetry she included was about her own life experiences, and she’s had an interesting life.
At age 15, Mary left her childhood home, a farm in Nebraska, to enter a convent in Chicago. At age 27, she left the sisterhood to marry. Later still, Mary and her husband Raymond
Avidano, became pastors in the United Church of Christ, serving small
congregations in Nebraska.
She now serves the United Church of Christ Congregational in Albion; Akron Presbyterian Church, rural
Albion; and shares pastoral leadership of First Presbyterian Church in
Primrose with Roy Schilousky of Albion. Although retired once, in 2009, Mary is once again involved in the
ministry, especially since the death of her husband Ray in 2017. However, she now considers herself semi-retired, and hopes still to write “a few
memorable poems” in her lifetime. In the meanwhile, she contributes to “From the Pulpit” in The Albion News. She thoroughly enjoys sharing her poems with readers and listeners.

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