Newman Grove

Class remembers Darlene Bygland with Valentine’s Day activity

The late Darlene Bygland was remembered in a special way by the Newman Grove fourth grade class on Valentine’s Day with a creative event.
Darlene had donated money to Newman Grove teachers, and fourth grade teacher Karla Patzel wanted a special way for her students to learn about Darlene and her kind heart. She invited Raelynn Bygland to the classroom for an event that emphasized cookie decorating, kindness and creativity.
“I talked to Raelynn about coming to my classroom and teaching the students the art of cookie decorating while learning about Darlene and what type of a person she was,” Mrs. Patzel stated. “What better way to spread kindness than on Valentine’s Day!”
Each student decorated two cookies and learned how to use royal icing to create a unique cookie.
“The students loved being able to design and use their creative side,” said Mrs. Patzel. “Darlene was a special lady. These fourth grade students will now remember her in a special way, and that was the idea.”