Local ‘therapy dogs’ share smiles, joy

Kim Williams, tester/observer for Alliance of Therapy Dogs, observing one of the dogs. In the background is Makenna Devine with Sharon Casper and her therapy dog, Max.
Max, Charlee and Sophie are “Good Doggies.”
They’ve passed the test for certification as therapy dogs and made their first working public appearance. 
Max, a Golden Retriever and “something,”  is owned by Sharon and Don Casper.
Charlee, a tiny Chihuahua-Bichon mix, belongs to Michelle and Eric Casper.
Sophie, a Yellow Labrador, is Rori Erickson’s companion.
The idea for therapy dogs began last fall as Sharon Casper visited with Kim Williams of Kearney,  who is a trainer/observer and a board member for the Alliance for Therapy Dogs (ATD).
“I said, ‘Tell me about your therapy dogs,’ and she talked for a half hour,” Sharon recalled. “I told her about my dog, Max, and she said she would be more than happy to come and test in our area.
Complete feature by Twylla Crosby in the March 18 Albion News print and e-editions.