By Julie Dickerson
We all watch the news or listen to it. We all are told to stay six feet away from those around us. We are told to wash our hands frequently. We are told not to go places where 10 or more gather.
Do we listen?
I have heard about people who have traveled to Colorado to ski. According to the news, the coronavirus is prevalent in “ski country.” I heard they were even closing some resorts because of it.
Did those of you who traveled to ski come back and self quarantine for 14 days?
Spring break college kids, did you travel out of the country or to the beaches of sunny Florida, Texas or California? Did you self quarantine yourself for 14 days?
Then, you could be putting yourself, your immediate family and your friends at risk.
We haven’t had any known cases of Covid-19 in our area (as of Tuesday), and I hope we don’t.
The schools let out because of the risk from interaction between students and staff in classes, activities and sports. They didn’t want the virus to spread.
You can get the coronavirus at any age…and your actions depend on whether you get it or not.
Some of our stores have closed to walk-in traffic or are thinking seriously about it. Some have closed their lobbies, locked their doors and you have to call for appointments. We as businesses care. We want to be careful for our employees and our customers.
We haven’t shuttered the Albion News front office yet, but if we hear of just “one case” all of us will have to take heed and do what we think is right.
Yes, we live in America and should be able to do what we want, but we also must be vigilant.
Photos from California showed people enjoying the beach. Photos from New York City showed people enjoying the park — no six feet between each other…no cares, no worries. But yet, we are sending medical supplies to both areas because the coronavirus count is so high!
Let’s all be safe and show how much we care for those around us.