Boone Central High School starts e-learning

On Monday, April 6, Boone Central High School started e-learning for all classes in ninth through 12th grades.
E-learning means that students are being assigned new educational content and are required to complete assignments for a grade. Grades may be given for participation or completion as well as content.
This change to graded work is due to the fact that the school is closed indefinitely and we want to maximize the learning of our students during the closure.
Senior students will be allowed to drop elective classes that are not required for graduation. These students must contact Erik Kravig, high school principal, or Lynne Webster, high school counselor, through a drop form that will be sent to all seniors.
The deadline to drop an elective course for senior students is Wednesday, April 15. All other students will be continuing regular education in all classes and will be graded accordingly.
It is the responsibility of the student to check in on email and Google Classroom for assignments. Each teacher will be available each Wednesday morning from 10 to 11 a.m. on “Zoom.” The teacher zoom links are posted in Google Classroom.
Middle school and elementary students are continuing their enrichment curriculum.