County to transfer flood control dam to city

Kohtz City of Albion Dam on the Boone County Fairgrounds.
Boone County Commissioners decided Monday they will transfer ownership of a flood control dam on the county fairgrounds to the City of Albion.
The property, known as the Kohtz City of Albion Dam, is located on the 35 acres south of the fairgrounds that was purchased by the county in 2016.
The dam and drainage area contain about 10.9 acres which is under perpetual easement to the city.
Commissioners reasoned that, with the easement in force, this portion of the property could not be used by the county for any other purpose. Also, it could help the city fulfill the purpose of replacing the former swimming pool property with property of an equal or greater value for outdoor recreation use.
The city has sold the former pool property to Boone County Health Center, but must replace it with like property.
The county is publishing a notice of intent to sale for the Kohtz Dam property this week. No sale price was discussed.