St. Edward

Sixth graders write about Coronavirus impact

St. Edward Public School art teacher Wendy Mues Bonge recently assigned her sixth grade class to create artwork and write their thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic.
She asked them to draw pictures and write short pieces about the current situation.
Three of the student essays and drawings are included in this week’s Advance.
Following is one of the essays by Samuela Fila, with a drawing by Diego HeirraFrias:

The Virus
Here I sit in complete isolation, all of us separated by the invisible.
I would reach out to you but a simple elbow touch wouldn’t do.
Lysol spray has become the perfume.
Hand sanitizer has become hand lotion.
The news has become the bible.
A simple virus, whose name resembles royalty, has done the unthinkable. Destroyed businesses and ruined relationships.
The death toll rises and hope decreases. What to do?
Everyone scrambles to find a solution.
Maybe it is found in the empty grocery shelves, or maybe in
fear of going outside. Online assignments plague the uninfected.
But I believe, we will all get through this uninfected.
We will get through this together.
We will all get through this, just not with each other.