Commissioners to wait for governor’s directive on opening courthouse

PREPARATIONS — Rod Nelson, courthouse maintenance man, and Commissioner Ben Rutten discuss the installation of plexiglass barriers at service windows inside the courthouse.
Exterior doors of the Boone County Courthouse will be re-opening at some point in the future, but the county will wait for a new announcement by Gov. Pete Ricketts about directed health measures before determining that date.
Before then, preparations will need to be made in several county offices. Plexiglass panels will likely be installed at the service counters of the county assessor, clerk and treasurer, and some procedural changes may be made in other offices.
Rod Nelson, courthouse maintenance man, discussed the preparations and cost of materials with the commissioners on Monday.
County officials also discussed how they would like to see the panels installed to provide the right size of opening at the bottom.
Commissioners then inspected the locations for the plexiglass barriers.
The courthouse outer doors have been locked since March, and citizens must call to be admitted to the building.