Amanda Gulbrandson is BCHC ‘Caring Kind’ employee

Amanda Gulbrandson
Boone County Health Center announced that Amanda Gulbrandson has received this year’s Caring Kind award.
Each year, Boone County Health Center recognizes one staff member who has gone above and beyond to be caring and kind to fellow staff and patients. To receive this award, a staff member must first be nominated by a co-worker and then receive the most votes on a ballot.
“I can’t think of anyone who is more deserving of our Caring Kind Award. From the bottom of her heart, Amanda is a truly kind person. In her life she has really allowed Christ’s love and kindness to flow through her into everyone she is around, whether it’s our staff or our patients. She just has a way of really ministering to people’s hearts and what they are going through,” said Dr. Tami Dodds.
Complete story in the May 20 Albion News, Petersburg Press and St. Edward Advance.