Boone Central salutes staff for years of service

Boone Central Public Schools held a “Zoom” gathering on Wednesday, May 13, to salute staff members for their years of service.
Retiring staff were included in this event and also honored with a drive-by open house on May 15.
Following were the years of service presentations:
• 20 years and beyond: Arlene Zoucha (20), Kathy Beckman (21), Bonnie Molt (21), Theresa Knust (22), Diane Dozler (22), Sherry Haber (23), Angie Flinn (24), Jeanette Zwiener (25), Dan Zoucha (25), Licia Kunzman (26), Ginger Bygland (26), Barb Foland (26), Marcia Seier (28), Chris Grundmayer (28), Kay Flanagan (28), Kris Pestel (30), Jeff Hayes (30) and Gay Sandman (31).
• 15 to 19 years: Susie Gragert (15), Jenny Schmitz (15), Angie Zoucha (16), Trina Hellbusch (16), Lynne Webster (16), Michelle Merten (17) and Dawna Nelson (19).
• 10 to 14 years: Tammy Gonzalez, Jenny Schafer, Morgan Henn and Jenny Eastman.
• Five to nine years: Sarah Bird, Carol Davidson, Wendy Groenke, Justin Harris, Mark Hudson, Morgan Neuhaus, Stacy Petersen, Carisa Stokes, Vet Stuhr and Joel Sup.
• Year one: Aimee Adams, Nicole Bennett, Taylor Borer, Emma Bounds, Bill Curry, Dennis Fox, Chelsea Gaunt, Alexa Knievel, Trevor Korte, Rachel Majerus, Lauren Mrsny, Payton Nelson, Emily Niewohner, Emily Pierson, Mike Scheffler, Dawn Theis and Blake Trombley,