St. Edward

Committee provides update on St. Edward Community Building

Revised flood plan of St. Edward Community building.
St. Edward City Council and Community Building Committee are working with project engineers and architects to create building plans for construction companies to bid on.
The committee and council last week released the following update on the building:
Once bids are received and reviewed, the city council will accept a bid that meets all requirements. This process is estimated to be complete in July of 2020. The anticipated start for construction is planned for late August or early September of 2020 and will last about eight to nine months.
Funding Plan
Secured funding from the Civic and Community Center Financing Fund (CCCFF) and Community Development Block (CDB) Grant for a total of $962,000 has been approved for building construction as of January of 2020.
Current private donations stand at about $249,000 for the building, and an additional $250,000 is committed from the half-cent sales tax approved by St. Edward voters in February of 2019.
Plan Changes
Changes have been made from the original plan, resulting in a slight increase in the anticipated budget. Based on feedback from city residents and state regulations, the following updates were made:
• Each bathroom will contain a shower to accommodate the community’s need for an emergency shelter, as suggested by FEMA officials.
• The foundation height for the building was raised 24 inches to comply with federal building regulations.
• Sidewall height will be increased by 24 inches to accommodate any future activities that may be held within the building, as suggested by project architects and engineers.
• The length of the building has been increased by four feet to accommodate any future activities and increase the functional use of the building. This may include a portable stage. Money obtained from grants cannot be used for city infrastructure. This includes road maintenance, improving current city buildings, and any other purpose beyond construction of this community building.
• Approximately 30 percent of the half-cent sales tax, voted in by the citizens of St. Edward, is being used for street repair and maintenance.