City Council approves subdivision agreement for Boone Beginnings

A subdivision agreement for the Boone Beginnings childcare facility was approved by the Albion City Council Tuesday night, June 9.
The facility, with capacity for 80 children, will be located next door to the Samaritan Estates assisted living facility on the east side of South Sixth Street.
Andy Roberts, chairman of the Boone Beginnings Planning Committee, said plans should go out for bids by late July. He noted the facility would meet a critical need for childcare in the area.
The city is being asked to cover the cost of water and sewer extensions to the property, which would also complete a connecting loop for the water main rather than having a dead-end main on Sixth Street.
At its May meeting, the council had asked the committee to return with a cost estimate for the water and sewer extensions, and Roger Protzman of JEO Consulting Engineers provided the estimate of $166,780 on Tuesday night.
The total includes $129,090 for a deep sanitary sewer, $24,020 for a six-inch water main extension, and $13,670 for an eight-inch water main extension.
The adopted agreement states the subdivider (Boone Beginnings) will be responsible for the design and construction of the extensions, while the city will be “responsible for the financing of the total cost of said public infrastructure improvements.”
Complete story in the June 17 Albion News print and e-editions.