St. Edward

Fullerton youth, 12, saves two teens and dog from Loup Canal

Cayden Scheffler with a trophy catfish.
Quick-thinking 12-year-old Cayden Scheffler of Fullerton was in the right place at the right time to save the lives of two teen-agers and a dog on Saturday, June 6.
He was competing in a catfishing tournament, just among friends, on the Loup Canal on the north side of the Monroe Powerhouse when the peaceful scene changed.
His fishing partner Ford Ekhoff‘s dog jumped in the water near the drainpipe and was caught in the undertow. That prompted Ford to jump in, attempting to save the dog.
Ford’s girlfriend, Lily Kyes, 18, of Palmer then attempted to pull Ford from the water, but she also fell in.
That’s when Cayden tried casting out to the group and having them grab the line to tow them in, but his pole broke.
“Ford was talking to me and he said to get his 12-foot pole and try sticking it out into the water so they could grab it,” said Cayden. He also thought to take his socks off, tie them together and string one sock through the eyelet of the pole to add length.
That made the pole easier to grab, and Cayden pulled Lily to the bank. Using the same equipment, they then pulled Ford in. They were also able to hook the dog and bring it to shore.
That’s when emergency personnel and Cayden’s dad, Tony, arrived at the scene.
Complete story in the June 17 St. Edward Advance, print and e-editions.