’72 Nova brings back memories for Arlene Neidhardt

She had one in high school, and now she has one again.
Those attending the 2020 Boone County Fair may have noticed Arlene Neidhardt driving a bright orange two-door 1972 Chevrolet Nova.
She owned a Nova nearly identical to it while attending Albion High School in the 1970s.
It was bright orange, just like this one, with a 327 V-8 and three-speed shifter on the floor.
“I loved that car,” said Arlene.
After graduating in 1977, Arlene Prothman married Scott Neidhardt, and the car was sold to her cousin. Eventually, it was traded in for a newer car, and the family lost track of it.
But then, when Arlene celebrated her 50th birthday about 10 years ago, her family had a special gift in mind.
They found a 1972 Nova, but it was much different than Arlene’s original car. This Nova was being built up as a dragster by its owner in Kearney. It was equipped with a racing motor and transmission. The interior had been stripped out.
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