Dickersons seek new owners for newspapers

Julie and Jim Dickerson
After more than 50 years of reporting, writing and distributing stories, an Albion couple sent something unusual off to print: a for-sale ad for their newspaper business.
Jim and Julie Dickerson own three weekly papers in Boone County: the Albion News and Petersburg Press — both of which they have owned for 13 years — and The St. Edward Advance, which they have owned since 2018. They are looking to sell all three. 
Jim Dickerson, 67, writes and reports on meetings and community events, and Julie Dickerson, 68, works with accounting and advertising. Once their newspaper pages are composed, the papers are printed at White Wolf Publishing in Sheldon, Iowa, before being sold for $1 or 75 cents, depending on the paper. 
The Albion News reaches 1,969 readers, the Petersburg Press has 357 and The St. Edward Advance hits 400. Jim and Julie said they have been considering selling the papers for about five years so they can retire.
Complete story by Mark Champion, Nebraska News Service, in the Aug. 12 Albion News.