Commissioners trim preliminary budget

Boone County Commissioners again trimmed down expenditures in the preliminary 2020-21 county budget Monday to reduce the county’s overall property tax request.
In late July, the board cut some $5 million in duplicated expenditures from the road and bridge budget, taking the preliminary tax request down to $4,520,088.
Rick Martinsen, CPA, noted this would be an increase of $257,203 or about six percent in the tax request.
Commissioners then looked for further cuts, removing about $20,000 earmarked for microfilming county records and additional money from other areas.
The board also reviewed the Sheriff’s Department budget, which included a preliminary increase of about $95,000 for the coming year. Boone County Sheriff’s office is now serving as the dispatch center for both Boone and Nance counties. The Statewide Radio System (SRS) has been installed, with new radios and dispatch consoles. Nance County is paying Boone County an annual charge for this service.
Commissioners settled on a preliminary tax request of $4,438,628, which would be an increase of $175,793 or about four percent from last year’s tax request of $4,262,835