St. Edward

St. Edward School budget shows tax increase

St. Edward Public Schools tax rate (levy) will be substantially higher this year primarily due to a substantial drop in taxable valuation. There was a five percent valuation loss overall, including a 6.2 percent drop in Boone County.
The district’s proposed 2020-21 total tax request is $2,878,788, which is an increase of $375,129 or 14.98 percent higher than last year’s tax request of $2,503,669.
The 2020-21 tax request includes $2,828,283 to support the General fund and $50,505 to support the Special Building fund.
All of the increase was in the General fund request. Special Building fund tax request is the same as last year.
“St. Edward school district lost five percent in overall property valuation this year.  As a result, the levy increase is more than usual.  Most, if not all districts in our area will be increasing their school levy due to loss in valuation,” said Superintendent Justin Frederick. “The board and school have tried to do our best to keep the levy and asking as low as possible, while offering a great education. The general fund operating budget is the exact same this year as it was last year.  The tax request has increased, but with last year’s valuation, it would have only increased the levy by $.026524.  When valuations go down levies come up.”
Complete story in the Sept. 9 St. Edward Advance, print and e-edition.