Commissioners consider next step for former Extension office

Final moving is now underway at the former Boone County Extension office.
With the Boone County Extension offices now moved to the Ag and Education Center on the fairgrounds, county commissioners are now considering the best uses for the former Extension offices in the courthouse.
Initial discussions were held Monday, Sept. 14, on the possible alternatives with county officials present.
The former Extension office includes a large main room, with two offices and a storage room.
One option considered was moving the County Assessor’s office into the former Extension office. However, Assessor Barb Hanson told the board this would actually provide less space for her office.
She said her office staff currently uses a portion of the computer room, located west of the main office, for a storage and work room.
Commissioners are now using the courthouse break room as their meeting room. Another possibility being considered is to convert the former Extension space to their meeting room area.
“We are just brainstorming at this point, trying to use the space in the most efficient way possible,” said Commissioner Larry Temme.
Commissioner Ben Rutten said it appeared to him that the main former Extension room would work as the commissioners’ meeting room, allowing for an extra office to office to be used as needed and the remainder for storage.
This was suggested by Rod Nelson, courthouse maintenance, as the least expensive alternative. He suggested new carpeting and painting the room before the move.
Commissioners decided to proceed with minor renovations of the office space, and make a final decision later on occupancy.