School Board accepts guaranteed maximum price

Boone Central School Board on Monday received and accepted a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) within the $4 million budget parameter for the middle school construction project in Albion.
Mitch Connot, project manager with W. A. Klinger, LLC, submitted a grand total GMP of $3,981,091 after bids were reviewed.
Subcontractor bids were opened last Thursday, Sept. 24, in some 25 construction areas, but only the names of the apparent low bidders were announced at the bid opening.
No subcontractor bid amounts were announced at that time. The names and contract amounts will not be released until contracts are signed with each subcontractor.
On Monday, the board acted on the full design-build document.
Dirt work for the project is expected to begin by Oct. 9.
Complete story in the Sept. 30 Albion News and Petersburg Press, print and e-editions.