DNR to require repair of flood control dam

Nebraska Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is requiring repair of the City of Albion/Kohtz flood control dam in the Boone County Fairgrounds.
The dam was found in violation of regulations by DNR in August after drain pipes from the new Agriculture and Education Center on the fairgrounds were installed through the dam and into the reservoir and issued notification.
The dam and spillway were installed in the 1960s on what was then private land, and the city was granted a perpetual easement for the structure. The land was purchased by Boone County in 2016, and ownership of the dam and drainage area was transferred to the City of Albion in July of this year.
The new Ag and Education Center was completed this summer just northwest of the dam. The drainage pipes were apparently installed during construction and now must be removed, according to DNR.
At its Oct. 13 meeting, the Albion City Council reviewed a proposed agreement with JEO Consulting Engineers for engineering work to remedy the violation. The JEO proposal included an estimated cost of $29,500 for design and engineering of the repair. This estimate does not include the cost of the actual remediation work.
Boone County Ag Society and the building committee are requesting an estimate from a different engineering firm.
Read the complete story in the Oct. 21 Albion News, print and e-editions.