Commissioners consider drainage changes

Possible changes in stormwater drainage from the fairgrounds and areas southwest of Albion were discussed during the Boone County Commissioners meeting Monday, Oct. 26.
Gayle Noble returned to discuss the status of a drainage ditch along the east edge of property he recently purchased. This ditch also borders the west edges of residential lots on the west side of 11th Street in Albion. The discussion was continued from the board’s Oct. 13 meeting.
Andrew Devine, Albion city administrator, provided a map showing general drainage paths from the fairgrounds to the north and east. Also participating in the discussion were Mike Krohn, Laurie Krohn and Stacey Ziemba, county highway superintendent.
Much of the storm water from the fairgrounds currently exits at the northeast corner, crosses under a bridge on west Fairview and enters this drainage ditch. From there, it travels north and then east onto Walnut Street, where it enters the city’s surface drainage system.
Noble said the ditch was obviously built by someone years ago. It is now in need of maintenance, because it contains trees, tires, concrete blocks and other items that impede flow.
Also, there is no current easement for the ditch, but Noble said he would be willing to grant an easement.
Discussion was also held on possibly redirecting drainage water from housing developments and areas southwest of town. Mike Krohn suggested possibly installing a culvert on the south side of the Fairgrounds Road/Fairview intersection to direct drainage water east.
After the discussion, the board asked Highway Superintendent Ziemba to contact Brian McDonald of JEO Consulting Engineers to conduct a drainage study of that area to determine the best options.