County residents can help with BCDA recruitment effort

As the Boone County Development Agency (BCDA) prepares to introduce “Live | Work | Grow | in Boone Co.,” a promotional campaign aimed to demonstrate all of the extraordinary qualities the community offers, there are various ways the community can help promote the project. 
For example, a share, like, or comment on a video or post on social media can make a significant difference. As more people view and interact with the promotional pieces, more eyes land on Boone County. Additionally, talking to others — especially those who are unfamiliar with Boone County — about the initiative can help reach an even wider audience.
A great opportunity to talk with others about this effort is during the peak times of year when there is an increase in visitors to the area. During these peak times, there will be promotional items at various local businesses. These items will all have a scannable barcode that individuals can scan by using their smartphones.
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