Albion Pizza Hut has new decor, offerings

Elizabeth Francis at the new hospitality bar in Albion’s Pizza Hut.
Albion Pizza Hut has a new look and new offerings after a recent interior remodeling that took place Nov. 11-12.
The restaurant now features a new hospitality bar with five beers on tap, and five televisions that are viewable throughout the dining area for sports and events.
The salad bar/buffet area was removed to make room for the new equipment.
“We are excited about all of our new features,” said manager Elizabeth Francis. “We’re very proud of the fact that we have 15 team members on staff now. That’s the most we’ve had in many years.”
The remodel was accomplished over a two-day period when the restaurant was closed. Beer taps were added late last week.
Elizabeth, manager of the Pizza Hut since last February, is an Albion native and 2015 graduate of Boone Central High School. She moved to Omaha after graduation, but then returned recently to be closer to family.
Complete story in the Nov. 25 Albion News, print and e-editions.