Chris Nelson values local Fitness Center

Chris Nelson, Albion native and former Nebraska football player, didn’t really appreciate the value of the Boone County Fitness Center until it was closed for a time earlier this year.
He grew up playing all sports, and exercising, training and keeping in shape was just an extension of that.
He was in Boyd Epley’s first weightlifting class at the University of Nebraska — 50 years ago in 1970. He joined the Husker team as a tight end in 1971. The Boone County Fitness Center weightroom now is “much nicer” than UNL’s first weightroom, said Chris.
“I was a member (of the fitness center) when it first opened, but then I farmed and fed cattle and got a lot of exercise daily,” he said. “I usually came to the center during the winter when the cattle were taken care of and snow was removed.”
Racquetball and wallyball were popular activities in the center’s early days, and Chris also started swimming and lifting weights again.
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