Mildred Choat and daughter stepping down from in-home care business

Diane Bolin, left, and her mother, Mildred Choat.
When Mildred Choat and her daughter, Diane Bolin purchased Caring Companions July 1, 2006, from Sharolyn Rasmussen, Mildred’s plans were to work for “…. ten years maybe. I thought it was crazy to start a new business when I was 65 years old. And here it is 15 years later,’’ she said as she begins her plans for retiring from the business.
Caring Companions provides in-home services to the elderly and disabled, offering a bridge between independent living and assisted living or nursing homes.
“Usually right now, it’s just kind of light cleaning and laundry, cooking and companionship,” Mildred said.
The Veterans Administration (VA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) “don’t pay for companionship, however you can do that while you are doing (the approved) things for them,” Mildred explained.
Mildred interviews potential clients, and locates and assigns assistants she feels will be most suitable for the client, while Diane does the bookkeeping for the business.
All employees must pass background checks, Mildred emphasized.
“I just feel like I want to keep on until my clients are gone, or I turn it over to somebody else,” she said. “I’m not going to let them just sit.” Mildred and Diane don’t plan to take any more new clients, however.
Complete story by Twylla Crosby in the Dec. 2 Albion News print and e-editions.