Boone Central, area schools in need of substitute teachers

By Bill Curry
Middle School Principal
Boone Central Public Schools
Every successful school has something in common. They all have great substitute teachers.
Boone Central is fortunate to have many great subs. However, like other schools in the state, the demand for quality substitute teachers is greater than the current supply.
If you have a passion for working with students, a love for learning, and have the skills to be an effective classroom manager, becoming a substitute teacher might be easier than you think. One path to becoming a substitute teacher is to do the following:
• Obtain a Local Substitute Teaching Permit, which is valid for three years and is limited to 90 days of teaching in any school year. According the Nebraska Department of Education, this type of permit is valid for teaching only in the Nebraska school system requesting the issuance. This permit requires a minimum of 60 semester credit hours of college coursework.
• Complete a professional education course. A professional education course is any course with an education prefix or anything dealing with children, schools or education. Many of our state collages, as well as some community colleges, are offering this one-hour credit class which, in many cases, may only take about a month or so to complete. I would be happy to help you navigate this process if you have an interest in pursuing this certification.
• Complete an application and pay the fee in the Nebraska TEACH system at You will need to register and apply first before starting an application.
Now that you have registered, applied, submitted your transcript along with a proof of a professional education course, you are ready for the final step which is to obtain a letter from the superintendent of the school district where the local substitute permit will be assigned. School districts may have additional requirements such as permission to conduct a background check.
Being a classroom sub can be a very rewarding experience. However, school districts also need subs for our para-educators, cooks, bus drivers and other support staff as well. Requirements for those positions vary by district. Boone Central has applications for those positions on its website at The employment opportunity section is under the district tab.
Think it over, if this sounds like something you might enjoy, please reach out to your local school district to see if they could use someone like yourself as a sub!