Review of 2020 shows plenty of area progress despite COVID

Boone County Health Center addition was just one of several projects under construction in 2020.
Although the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic forced postponements and cancellations in the Boone County area, it didn’t stop progress.
New projects and construction of public facilities took center stage in 2020.
Some projects, like the new Boone County Agriculture and Education Center, a new housing subdivision in Petersburg, and the school building at Newman Grove, were already in progress when the year began.
Several other major projects were started during 2020. These included the new outpatient addition at Boone County Health Center, the new Boone Beginnings Early Childhood and Family Development Center, the new Boone Central Middle School in Albion, completion of new Veterans Memorials at Petersburg and Newman Grove, and construction of a new Community Center in St. Edward.