Happenstance — Counting down days to New Year

By Julie Dickerson
Are you counting down the days until the year 2020 is over? I am.
N—I am hoping for a New Normal. I know that everything will not be back to what we consider “normal.” We will have to adjust and take one day at a time.
E—If there is anything that we have learned about the COVID-19 pandemic, it is to “enjoy” life and live “each moment to the fullest.”
W—We are all hoping to “winter” the storm, and get the vaccine. I heard a news report on TV that the pandemic will not be over until the vaccine has been sent “worldwide.”
Y—We all are “yearning” to put our masks aside. I thought it was annoying to be hot and sweaty and wearing a mask in the summer. But, when you have glasses on with a mask, it invariably steams up your glasses and you can’t see. I will be ready to put the masks in storage.
E—All of us will be “eager” to read, listen, report different news other than coronavirus updates and cancellations.
A—I will be glad when the virus isn’t “affecting” our every day lives. We need to have gatherings with family and friends. Or, maybe a vacation to rest and relax–all without the fear of contracting COVID-19.
R—I am hoping the economy will “reinvigorate” and people will realize how important local businesses are to the economy. And, show it by “shopping at home.” Online shopping increased dramatically this holiday season nationwide and I am sure many in the Albion area also shopped online.
Our schools, villages, cities, and county depend on our tax dollars. And, I hope those entities will try and see what can be purchased in Boone County. Many of their payables go out of the county.
When businesses do not have school, village, city or county support, their income goes down. And, that means fewer tax dollars for them to work with.