Commissioners talk dust control for busy county road

250th Street east of Albion.
Boone County Commissioners discussed dust control on a busy gravel county road during their meeting Monday, Jan. 11.
The board met with Larry Krings, who lives on 250th Street, and Steve Bygland, owner of Bygland Dirt Contracting, Inc., also located on 250th Street northeast of Albion and just north of Highway 91. Stacey Ziemba, county highway superintendent, also participated in the discussion.
Krings said dust from increased traffic on the road connecting to Highway 91 is a constant problem at his residence. He added that the road is losing its crown due to traffic volume and water holes are forming in it.
“There is a lot more traffic on that road now than when I first moved there,” he said. It is used as a route to Bygland Dirt Contracting and Wagonhammer Feed Lot, as well as Niewohner Feed Lot to the north.
Bygland agreed that the road needs dust control and a crown so the water will run off. He suggested the road be prepared first and then calcium chloride could be applied this spring for dust control.
Commissioners suggested that red Sinclair gravel, sometimes called “magic rock” or Verdel dirt, be used in preparing the road for a solid base and less dust. Ziemba agreed and said she would plan for this work in the spring.
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