Petersburg Press

Village board hears about ‘Emerging Leaders Academy’

Boone County Development Agency (BCDA) Director Michelle Olson was present at the January Petersburg Village Board held Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2020.
She advised board members of a new program, “Emerging Leaders Academy,” that the BCDA is implementing. This program is geared toward raising the level of awareness among young emerging adult leaders regarding the need for new leaders to take on leadership roles of tomorrow in Boone County, and enhance the diversity of leaders within Boone County.
Since this will be a fairly expensive program, the Boone County Foundation Fund will be assisting with financing.
In discussions with Boone County communities, Olson stated all communities have the same problem getting young people to step into leadership positions.
She said they plan to schedule leadership training sessions which would be limited to 10 people. Then they would build a network of community leaders.
Currently, Cedar Rapids and Albion each have two participants. It is important that Petersburg also be involved.
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