Newman Grove

School Board reorganizes for 2021

Newman Grove Board of Education organized for the coming year at its meeting Monday night, Jan. 11.
Outgoing board member Ryan Chilson was thanked for his past four years of service, and new member Eric Stone was sworn in for a four-year term.
Standing school board committees were named by President Jeanie McCloud for 2021 as follows:
• Finance: John Krueger, chair; members: Ginger Buhl-Jorgensen and Eric Stone.
• Curriculum and Instruction: Ginger Buhl-Jorgensen, chair; members: John Krueger and Jeanie McCloud.
• Building and Grounds: Scott Nelson, chair; members: John Krueger and Becky Wallin.
• Transportation: John Krueger, chair; members: Ginger Buhl-Jorgensen and Becky Wallin.
• Cooperative Committee: Scott Nelson, chair; members: Eric Stone and Jeanie McCloud.
• Americanism/Insurance: Ginger Buhl-Jorgensen, chair; members: Jeanie McCloud and Scott Nelson.
• Negotiations: Jeanie McCloud, chair; members: Scott Nelson and Ginger Buhl-Jorgensen. Teacher members are Cassidy Wallin, Meghan Flood and Braxton Staack.
• Safety Committee: Scott Nelson.
• Firemen’s Park Board: John Krueger.
• Calendar Committee: Teachers Eric Albers and Shelley Dunlap.