Boone Central board will seek bids for demolition of Petersburg building

Boone Central School District will solicit bids for demolition of the current middle school building and development of the property in Petersburg.
The school board passed a motion to that effect during their meeting Monday night, Feb. 8, but the motion leaves options available for demolition of only part of the building if the board chooses to do that.
Corey Stokes, Petersburg Village Board chairman, asked if the new building construction timeline is on schedule. Superintendent Nicole Hardwick replied that the contractor has assured the district of substantial completion by mid-July 2021.
“Over the past few months, I have been hearing quite a bit of interest in keeping the gym,” said Stokes. “If that is an option, a number of people would like to make that happen.” Stokes noted that families would like to have the recreational opportunities the gym would provide.
He said he would like to have a community meeting to talk about this before final decisions.
“We want to be involved and try to work together on this,” he said. Board member Ed Knott said he has met with Petersburg officials about the demolition options.
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