Albion native invents, markets new card game

Logan Olson with his new card game, “Don’t Touch My Nuts.”
Logan Olson, 26, an Albion native and now an agronomist, is learning as he goes when it comes to marketing his new card game, “Don’t Touch My Nuts.”
It’s a game involving squirrels that try to collect each other’s acorns, and the winner is the player who accumulates the most acorns by the end of the game.
A 2013 graduate of Boone Central High School, Logan had the idea for his game while still in college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and began developing it through his interest in computer programming.
He decided to switch the game from online into a card game after earning his bachelors degree in agronomy in 2017 and returning home.
He now works as an agronomist for Pillen Family Farms and also helps his parents, Dan and Jean Olson, on their farm.
After fully developing the game idea, Logan started working with Kickstarter, a corporation that helps bring creative projects to life through crowd funding. He was inspired by a card game called “Exploding Kittens,” which is one of the top-funded games through Kickstarter with over 219,000 backers.
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