Four courthouse offices will change locations

Several offices in the Boone County Courthouse will be changing locations soon, based on a lengthy conversation last Wednesday, Feb. 24, between commissioners and county officials.
The University of Nebraska Extension office was moved out of the courthouse and into the new County Agriculture and Education Center last summer, which vacated the former Extension office area in the courthouse. This space includes a large main room with three smaller office spaces.
Commissioners determined the County Assessor’s office would be moved to the former Extension space.
The board also recently opted to merge administrative duties of the District Court Clerk with the office of County Court Clerk Magistrate, so Lisa Langan will be adding those duties. This means the District Court files and equipment will be moved back to their former location next to the County Court Clerk’s office by April 1.
The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) driver’s license exam station, now located in the former District Court Clerk’s office, will be moved into the current Assessor’s office space. This room would also be available for private attorney-client consultations on court days.
Commissioners, now meeting in the room that doubles as the courthouse break room, would move to their former office near the main entrance, adjacent to the County Clerk’s office. The break room will then move back to a multi-use area.
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