Newman Grove

NG students take Safe, Respectful, Responsible training

INDOOR SNOWBALL FIGHT — An indoor snowball fight (using paper) was the reward for Newman Grove Elementary students in completing the Safe, Respecful and Responsible curriculum recently. The first grade class was the first to earn their “Bluejay feathers.”
Newman Grove Schools has started implementing an evidence-based program to help students achieve success in curriculum as well as social-emotional learning.
Students are working on demonstrating proper learning expectations to help them grow into “Safe, Respectful and Responsible” students.
Newman Grove teachers and staff believe that being Safe, Respectful, and Responsible are keys to success in and out of the classroom.
Elementary students at Newman Grove Schools are working to be good role models by demonstrating those core areas. Students practice expectations and are able to earn “Bluejay feathers” that can be accumulated and earned them rewards.
Students were rewarded with an indoor snowball fight recently.
In the future students will be rewarded with other activities to enhance positive interactions.