Petersburg Press

First responders gain experience with new ambulance cot

Last Thursday evening, March 6, the Petersburg Rescue squad and several Petersburg firemen received instructions on use of the new ambulance cot, which was needed before the new ambulance could be put in service.
This cot presently is on loan from Stryker Corporation and is the same type the squad must purchase due to code. Rusty Bruland of the Albion Fire Department instructed members on use. The cot weighs 125 pounds and can carry weight up to 700 pounds. The battery driven mechanism makes it much easier to raise and lower the cot.
The cot will automatically rise to move into the ambulance. This is a very beneficial feature when it could possibly be an all-female crew doing the lifting and pushing. The cot is secured in the ambulance if it is involved in an accident. Battery cost is $148 and can be charged in the ambulance. Cost of a new cot will be $21,000.