St. Edward

St. Edward blood drive nets 39 units

A Red Cross blood drive in St. Edward on Tuesday, March 2, was a benefit for the St. Edward cheerleaders.
The cheerleaders made sack lunches with a treat included for the donors, and helped with the drive. 
Donors from St. Edward included Amy Dion, Linda Scheffler, Brad Stephens, Chad Carlson, Tiffany Zahnow, Terry Matchett, Cindy Stephens, Dean Miller, Clarissa Toney, Loren Trube, Tracy Hassebrook, Vanessa Cumming, Dawn Labenz, Ron Laska, Jim Nicklasson, Lindsay Tenski, Mark Jensen, Laurel Aden, Justy Riggs, Lela King, Kevin Cruise, Heather Stephens, Becky Billings, Michael Roscoe, Kelsey Alder, Kathy Benson, Shelley Cruise, Kristen Lawrence, Casey Micek, Chris Condreay, Lance Wurdeman, Tonya Beekman, Jerry Tenski, Karlyn Billings, John Fritzges, Cindy Sorensen, Theresa Naber, Anna Laska, Stefanie Garinger and Grace Tibor.
Donors from Genoa were Steve Roberts and Amy Melcher.
Donors from Cedar Rapids were James Hyde and Brenda Buechter,
Donors from Lindsay were Bob Steensnes and Frances Korth.
Staci MacDonald was a donor from Fullerton.
There were two first time donors, James Hyde and Tonya Beekman.
Milestone donors were Brad Stephens with six gallons and Clarissa Toney with one gallon. 
Donations for the sack lunches were provided by the Knight of Columbus, St. Edward, and the cheerleaders.