Airport project includes runway, taxiway repairs

Concrete sections being replaced on the east taxiway at Albion Municipal Airport.
A runway and taxiway restoration project is underway at the Albion Airport.
Crews are now replacing cracked sections of concrete in the runway, taxiways and aprons. They will also be sealing all concrete joints and then remarking the runway and taxiways, according to Ron Levander, chairman of the Albion Airport Authority.
The airport is presently closed to all traffic. However, it will be open day-to-day periodically as work progresses. Pilots are asked to check in with the airport authority when they plan to use the airport.
The airport authority learned early this week that this $250,000 restoration project will be 100 percent funded by the Federal Aviation Administration, with no local funds required. Previously, such projects were 90 percent federally funded and 10 percent locally funded.
Complete story in the April 7 Albion News/Boone County Tribune, print and e-editions.