County Board signs up for new comprehensive plan

Boone County Commissioners on Monday approved the signing of a contract to begin work on a new comprehensive plan and zoning regulations.
Consultant Keith Marvin, who wrote the original comprehensive plan more than 20 years ago, presented the new contract. Total cost will be $43,400, and Marvin said the payments could be spread over more than one fiscal year if necessary.
Under the agreement, if the villages of Petersburg and Cedar Rapids participate in county zoning as they have previously, the county’s share of cost would be $25,400, and the villages would pay $9,000 each.
Commissioners noted they will need to form new interlocal agreements with both villages. Marvin said he would adjust the contract if either of the villages choose not to participate.
As discussed, Marvin will send monthly invoices to the county based on progress. The county would receive payments from the villages to cover their share of costs.
The process is expected to take two years or more to complete.
Complete story in the May 19 Albion News/Boone County Tribune, and Petersburg Press.